Success Stories

Take a look at all the companies that are
using and loving SnapEngage Live Chat every day.

We love working with SnapEngage.
"What is special about Snapengage is not only their superior product, but most importantly their excellent customer service - They are always available to answer our questions and accomodate our requests, we love working with this company!" Jessica, Customer Service Strategy & Planning, Airbnb

Conversion rates improved by 50%.
"We were using another live chat solution. We moved to SnapEngage. Conversion rates improved by 50%. This is Excellent. The customer support team is awesome." Roshana, CEO,

Improves conversion.
"SnapEngage allows us to help our customers at the most important part of the sales funnel, in real-time. If there's questions, feedback or praise, we're always there to help with SnapEngage." Andrew, Director of Business Development, SEOmoz

Increased close rate by over 35%!
"Our sales team is extremely happy with our SnapEngage experience. Their wickedly friendly setup, easy to navigate chat controls and outstanding customer support have increased our team's sales productivity and close rate by over 35%! Our live chat leads are converting into sales efficiently and quickly because of SnapEngage. We couldn't have made a better choice" Dwight, Sales Director,

The personal touch makes a huge difference
"As soon as we tried it, the chats started rolling in and we fell in love with SnapEngage's Proactive Chat. Unlike chat widgets that pop up on other sites, SnapEngage includes the name and face of the real person a visitor can chat with. I think that personal touch makes a huge difference in how your brand and product are perceived, and the number of people who will choose to chat and work with your company. SnapEngage also provides some very handy analytics when someone starts to chat with you - like which site were they on before they got to yours, which page on your site they were on when they started the chat, and where the chatter is in the world. Since we added SnapEngage's proactive chat widget to our website, we're getting many more people talking with us. And we're getting many compliments about how impressive "our" chat function is. It's super easy for our employees to use, too. It's tied to the email system we're already using, so it comes on automatically when at least one person is signed in to chat, and turns off when no one is online. And if someone's going to lunch or into a meeting, they just do two clicks in their email to stop chats from coming to them." Kristina, Director of Marketing, AboutUs

Great product
"We picked up $30,000,000 of potential sales (real estate buyers) with the product already." Jeffery, Director of Business Development Ewing and Associates

SnapEngage has been a huge help for us.
"Our clients often neglect giving adequate descriptions of the problems they are having. The screenshot functionality has helped us tremendously in addressing their needs without having to go back and forth just to figure out what the problem really is." Paul, CEO, Rezora

We love it, and we are getting conversions.
"The Outreach Team (my inside sales group) was initially reluctant but now they are the biggest supporters. We get a good number of chat sessions but more importantly are getting conversions." Jeff, VP Product Marketing, Get Satisfaction

If you sell something online you really need to try SnapEngage.
"SnapEngage has been such a fantastic tool for us at zferral. Integration was easy, and we were up and running within minutes. Proactive chat is great, and allows us to quickly and easily engage potential customers. Our customer service is now real-time and much more efficient." Jeffrey, co-founder, zferral

SnapEngage makes us more competitive.
"When a customer visits our site and contacts us via SnapEngage, we know there is real intent from the customer. That knowledge makes us more eager to service the customer in the best way possible, in order to make the experience as positive as possible for the customer. Setting up SnapEngange was a breeze and the the Support Team was helpful when we needed some customization in the way we wanted to implement it. Now in everyday use, it just works!!" Søren, provacances

SnapEngage is generating revenue for us every single day.
"We are generating orders everday from chat. It also raised our customer satisfaction rankings across the board. Awesome!" John, Founder,

SnapEngage is a no-brainer.
"SendGrid's main priorities are to increase email deliverability and to provide the best possible customer support. Thanks to SnapEngage, our customers can now get their answers in seconds." Isaac, co-founder, SendGrid

They made everything so easy to set up and get rockin'!
"At Ubertor, we use online chat as a medium to provide remarkable customer service to our vistors and clients. Since switching over to SnapEngage, our CSR team has been able to maintain our high standard of customer service with ease using the SnapEngage tool. Additionally, the customer service at SnapEngage is second to none. They're always eager and willing to help." Bryan, Director of Operations, Ubertor

In just the first 5 months we can attribute over $100k in new business directly to SnapEngage.
"This is one of the best tools we've ever added to our site. We have already added this service to many of our client's sites and recommend it to anyone needing a highly flexible, easy to integrate sales or support tool. Need convincing, feel free to call me." John, Vice President of Sales, Ten Fast Feet

SnapEngage directly improves our conversion and retention rates.
"Not only is SnapEngage a breeze to implement, it also allows us to respond to inquiries in seconds and the deep integration with Zendesk helps us track all customer interactions in one place." Thomas, CEO, OneLogin

This is an amazing product!
"For our public beta launch, we made the smart decision of using SnapEngage. This product allowed us to have over 2,000 live conversations with users during our launch week. We learned a tremendous amount and were able to fill all gaps very quickly. Additionally, we use proactive chat to pull aside live users and get their feedback on new features." Raj, co-founder and head of product Togetherville

Since using SnapEngage, we've seen our conversion rates improve by 55%.
"It's great working with your team, and we're so glad to have your product. It's been a fantastic way to reach out to current and prospective clients." Ross, Founder | Chairman, Top Test Prep

SnapEngage paid for itself on the very first day!
"This tool is just a peace of cake to install (on any CMS, we use a proprietary solution and it was installed in 15minutes!). Support from the SnapEngage team is in complete adequacy with the product itself, means very flexible and pro-active. Since Carta+ uses SnapEngage, we have increased our retention rate by 60%. No need to say: We love it!" Vincent, IT Manager, Carta+

SnapEngage is one of the best purchases we've ever made.
"It lets us to offer great customer support with a minimal time commitment, which is a big deal in a startup. Our customers love the proactive chat feature, and we love getting to know our customers." Andy, Founder, Rentabilities

A treat.
"We at Digagogo were thrilled by the exciting and immediate response that our customers and inquirers were able to experience with the Snap Engage feature. Its ease of use, functionality, customization and realtime window are a tool we wouldnt want to be without.We are excited to be able to offer it to our customers and clients as a value added cost effective tool. Gotta love SAAS. The staff were engaging helpful and humorous. A treat." Digagogo Ventures Corp.

Thanks SnapEngage!
"We wanted to implement a live chat feature on our website as a support tool for our customers. At first didn't know what to expect, but after we implemented the tool, we realized it was one of the best decisions we made! With SnapEngage, we make ourselves available to our customers and answer their questions right away." Phoebe, Software Manager,

We literally see about a 10,000% ROI as our inbound visitor conversion rate has increase by literally over 500% since using SnapEngage.
"I can't say how much I love your product. I can honestly say it's the most cost efficient customer support and sales tool that I have ever seen. We close sales almost daily directly inside the live chat, it's incredible. I want to hug your CEO. It's just so powerful to be able to communicate with your customers at their first initial point of interest. You guys rock. Keep it up." Andrew, CEO, Bizness Apps

SnapEngage is awesome!
"Ever since launching SnapEngage we have been capturing leads we know we wouldn't have captured otherwise and our conversion rates are through the roof. We now recommend SnapEngage to all our web development and online marketing clients :)" David, CEO, marketing clique

SnapEngage is my favorite online tool.
"If you are doing customer development, want to provide better customer service, or just want to increase conversions, you NEED to be talking to your customers. SnapEnage is the best way to do that." Jeremy, founder and CEO, StarStreet

SnapEngage was a breeze to implement.
"We were up and running with Live Chat and a Feedback Form within minutes. When weighing development time cost against features and functionality, SnapEngage was the best out there. Our customers have loved the Live Chat option, and we've been able to increase engagement and user conversions by integrating SnapEngage into our product." Leah, Founder & CEO, TaskRabbit Inc

We love your product.
"It has helped us identify and solve customer issues super quickly while creating a relationships. Our customers love that we're responsive to their issues which helps build trust and a personal relationship. Even though they have technical issues with our site that may convince them to leave, that personal touch, ensures we keep their loyalty." Joel, Card Gnome

SnapEngage is key to our customer satisfaction
"We use the SnapEngage for our sale funnels pages in real time. The chat function is active on our pages about car and health insurance." Leon, Affiliate marketeer,

SnapEngage proactive chat has been GOLD...
"We got linked up in Forbes on launch day in an article that will be read by a gazillion people in our target market and the proactive chat has been GOLD to get in touch with customers." kareem, SocialWod

SnapEngage helps us help people!
"At Stepworks, we believe drug treatment centers should be seeking innovative ways to connect with people who need help. SnapEngage is exactly what we were looking for. Live Chat has (1) increased admissions of folks across Kentucky and (2) helped us offer immediate help to people who are undecided about whether or not to enter a drug rehab center. From our clients and our team, thank you!" Mark, Director of Biz Dev, Stepworks Addiction Treatment

SnapEngage is a perfect fit for use in a number of our web applications.
"The features, integration with Salesforce and value for money (8 operators for $129 a month) were the deciding factors. Too many Salesforce applications are priced at $99 / user per month and this is too expensive for SMEs (small to medium enterprises). Instead of using an open source chat product and having to do custom integration we bought this product and use it out of the box." Ben, Development Manager, Real Estate Investar

SnapEngage is an essential part of our support ecosystem.
"Safefood 360 provides web based food safety software to the global food processing industry. With SnapEngage our users can quickly and easily log issues with a screen capture and this is seamlessly pushed straight to our Zendesk. Its flexible, feature-rich and the chat feature is very useful too!" Philip, Cofounder & COO, Safefood 360

Snapengage convinced me from the first moment. We installed it and had a chat request within minutes.
"It's like having our customers standing next to us when helping them to use our PHP cloud hosting platform. We found out many new insights about what's really important for them. And they just love to drop by for the instant support." Thomas, CFO, cloudControl

With SnapEngage I have experienced the best customer support I ever had in my life.
"Screen capture is just the tip of the iceberg of how we use SnapEngage: Google Talk and Zendesk integration, wonderful customization and impressive support have made me and everyone at fans of the service." Àngel, co-Founder & CTO, vLex

I highly recommend this service!
"We have long sought to provide more personal and direct support for our passionate collectors, but we never seemed to find the solution that could be implemented quickly and provide customization options that fit our business needs. Then we found SnapEngage. With the free trial, we were able to be up and running with a live support option that was so easy to setup, we didn't even need to involve our IT department! Top it off with a friendly staff providing immediate support and multiple payment plan options, and we were sold." Chris Pirrotta, Web Development Manager, Sideshow Inc.

SnapEngage is a immense resource for lean startups.
"We are a facebook travel app and wanted to be able to provide chat support in facebook. When we came across SnapEngage we learned that you not only can identify bugs via screen capture but be able to engage customers in chat and VoIP. At launch we will be well prepared to interact with our customer thanks to SnapEngage." Muj, Founder & CEO, Bonvoy Inc.

SnapEngage allows us to be very close to every new potential prospect on our website.
"Awesome work SnapEngage! Your application has allowed us to provide very close interaction with visitors from the moment they reach our website. It allows us to start a conversation easily that leads very quickly to a potential customer trialling our software. Our customers know that we are just a click away." Steve, CEO, Connect2Field

We love that SnapEngage brings us closer to our customers, and our customers closer to us.
"On the marketing side, we use Proactive Chat to show new visitors that we have real people behind our website. This really helps illustrate what sets us apart from the CRM competition." Todd, Owner, All Clients

Great Chat Client, with Great Features and Great Customer Service.
"SnapEngage is a very clean light chat program that you can deploy right into your website. We have used the Chat to Lead functionality and it works great. We have also been using their Chat to call feature, which has increased the touch points to our customers, which adds to a better bottom line. With SnapEngage great reporting we are able to see how people navigate our site and where they may get confused. We're very happy with the product that SnapEngage has provided and would recommend it to anyone, SalesForce user or not." Daniel, CEO, Olejo

The responsiveness of SnapEngage's team to our requests serves a great example of how we want to interact with our customers.
"SnapEngage live chat enables us to respond to customer questions and support requests in real-time. The ability to have a live conversation with a customer while addressing their needs has improved our customer service and also provides valuable insight into future feature development opportunities." Ray, CEO, Mavenlink Inc

A really great and useful feature for Efficy Users!
"It took less than a day to fully integrate SnapEngage with our web-based application: Efficy CRM. All our customers can now reach us easily for any question or whenever an issue occurs. Efficy Support receives automatically the client version of their browser, the version of Efficy, and all the needed information to help them right away." Cedric, R&D Manager, Efficy

SnapEngage allows us to provide maximum support coverage with minimal staffing.
"As a photo-sharing service targeted at couples getting married, we try to provide the exceptional customer support that engaged couples expect from their wedding vendors. It only took a minute to install the SnapEngage widget, and we had our first customer interaction an hour later. Within the first week, we were able to convert a new sale by answering a customer’s questions about our services in real-time. In that sense, the tool paid for itself within days." John, co-Founder,

It was quick and easy to set up SnapEngage
"It has all the development integrations we need, and most importantly, they have awesome support which truly acts on feedback!" Jussi, Software Specialist, Suomen Verkkomaksut Oy